Thursday, 24 March 2016

Camera Obscura

Last week my photography class took me on a field trip to the oldest part of Jakarta. It just seems like the faculty's favourite hangout spot. It does have plenty of wonderful architecture, so it is the perfect setting for a photo shoot. As you can tell, I am completely milking it. The weather was clearly indecisive, as it was raining when we took off from campus, blistering hot when we arrived and cloudy towards the end of our session. Even on weekdays, this places seems to supply a plethora of festivities and cultural entertainment. On this day, we rented two bikes so that anyone can take turns to ride them and others will shoot them, as part of our photography exercise—panning and freezing actions. I got a turn as well, but since the bike was awfully unbalanced, my arm was shaking from holding the whole structure together so that it wouldn't topple over. I rather enjoyed the trip, as photography is one of my favourite things ever. The trip home was exhausting but I had quite a blast.

Threadless t-shirt + Converse sneakers (old) // thrifted jacket + backpack // Sis's skirt // gifted socks // outfit photos by Jess

Now, this is probably the most accurate depiction of my campus look. For the past several months, I've been struggling on what to wear and what to bring to class—as I tend to get bored with life that easily. I want to wear something cute, just to lift my mood up after limited amount of sleep, but sometimes I just can't be bothered with being witty about my clothes. The simplest thing I do is to throw on a comfortable top—in most cases this means graphic t-shirts—and a cozy skirt—anything close to the knees or longer—and a dependable pair of shoes. The denim jacket is a campus essential as it gets chilly indoors, but outdoors is still quite hot. I'm sure you're bored of it by now. And, last but not least, a roomy yet light bag—preferably backpack—to store all my books, notes, water bottle and lunch. So what does your college outfit look like? Do tell!

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