Friday, 11 July 2014

Movie Date: Ruby Sparks

I know nowadays it is the hipster thing to do to stray away from all blockbuster movies and watch indie or old films instead. Perhaps even a documentary. Personally, I cannot disregard good entertainment and artwork in whatever form they come. You'd be surprised at how many gems you can find amongst the crappy blockbuster piles. Also, many people tend to avoid romance genre because they think it's too gooey and/or sappy. Again, that is not always true. Some love stories are just so real, they will hit you in the head as they pass by. Then again, I'm just a hopeless romantic. At least, that's how I feel about Ruby Sparks. Honestly, I didn't even know this movie existed but it just kind of popped out in front of me so I watched it. It was starred and written by the talented Zoe Kazan - this was the first movie I saw her in but her talent was that apparent. She was incredibly amazing as her character, which tells you that it wasn't just a character. Paul Dano plays her other half in the film, which was also performed splendidly. I've only seen him in another movie once but his acting is just as top-notch. They have a discernible chemistry on set, as you can see in the film. 

What I love most about this movie is how the story develops into unexpectedly intense. The story is semi-fantasy, in which this will most likely not happen in the real world, but it felt absolutely real. As fictional as their story was, their relationship was real - this will probably only make sense after watching the film. I don't want to give away too much, but, though the story turned emotional, it  didn't drag on for too long. I kept wondering how it would end and if it would be a happy or tragic ending. But it was definitely real. There are questions in the end which sprang to my mind but it went unanswered. Personally, I like these kinds of movie. It didn't end at a cliff-hanger, mind you. But it definitely left some things to mystery. I like that, as if I was allowed to imagine the answers to all my questions and be happy with them. What you should definitely know about it is that the story is definitely endearing, not at all gooey and has all the ups-and-downs of a relationship but in a very different way than you might imagine.

P.S: There might be a lot more of Movie Dates in the future because I don't know what else to post. 

Sorry about that.

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