Sunday, 13 July 2014

True Blue

There is not much to say today, sorry, but here're some things. I'd been under the weather since I came back from Firu's but I was too stubborn to recognise it. One day, after feeling absolutely weak and reaching my limit, I finally gave in and gave my body the much needed rest it deserved. It took a whole night of sleep to finally make me feel 100% again - well, at least 90 something percent. On another note, I already started packing all my stuff and, oops! Seems like not everything will fit...or I'm just a super lousy packer. But I'll try to figure something out. My room looks almost empty without my clothes hanging everywhere. Today is the World Cup finale! Oh, man! I haven't been watching, actually, but I always watch the finale. Make sure you do too!

H&M denim dress (as top) // ethnic necklace (from a convention) // thrifted denim jacket // Esprit skirt // Typo satchel bag // Studio Nine loafers

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