Friday, 25 July 2014

A Hillbilly Farewell?

Okay, so my vigour is back just in time for the last outfit post in Kassel. Still pretty much beat by the heat, though - hey, that rhymed! - so I took these photos in my room instead. Phew, I gotta tell ya, now that everything's all packed and ready to go, the room looks so much emptier (and neater too, to be honest). Firu came to Kassel last weekend to help me pack and now everything is finished. I'm actually very excited about leaving tomorrow. Sunday is Eid Mubarak, after all! This might just be the last time I get to celebrate in a faraway land so I decided to go home only afterwards. Everything is literally taken care of at this point and I feel like all I need to do left is get on that plane and leave. Though...not just yet. I've still got some plans up my sleeves this summer. Obviously, I will share my adventures with you all later so please look forward to that!

thrifted shirt // Pimkie dungaree // All Star by Converse sneakers

I don't know what came over me to pair these two items together. The overall - though short - and the plaid pattern - not to mention its bagginess - are just the perfect concoction for looking like a complete hillbilly. The only thing missing is the hay for me to chew. Here I didn't wear my boater hat - which could substitute a straw hat - but I did the other day when Firu and I went out. Yes, I think I made the perfect farmer. Where's my cattle? Except, I guess, a farmer would be wise enough not to wear converse while working. A pair of wellies would be much more helpful in the muddy soil. No, wait, am I actually thinking about farming right now? That's a huge manoeuvre in a personal style blog.

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