Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Ethics of Good Samaritans

First of all, I apologise for the lack of make up here. This was taken rather quickly after a long day of running errands and baking cupcakes. Yep, the birthday cupcakes. So I didn't bother to put on make up when I went out. Honestly, I really hate having make up on my face. I wouldn't say I hate it so much as leaning more towards not having make up on at all. And I'm a true believer that no one needs make up to be beautiful. Much like the shaving enigma, the origin of this idea of beauty remains a mystery even now. But I do feel sometimes my face doesn't have the colour or form that I wish for it to have - sometimes it comes off awfully pale - and that's when I turn to make up. To be frank, it's not something that I would include in my routine. I know for a fact that make up can actually damage your skin and I don't want to encourage that. In fact, as soon as I'm home and don't think I'm going out again soon or need to do anything involving make up, I'll wash them off. So I hope you can bear my bare face - as well as my one paragraph rants about make up. And, again, to all young girls out there who feel like they need make up be pretty, please stop thinking that way because that is not true and do not let anyone tells you otherwise. There's only so much make up can do. If you don't have inner beauty, what difference does it make?

Batik dress // vintage purse // thrifted sandals // H&M leggings (old) // American Apparel hair bow

Before you say anything else, I should tell you that the hair bow isn't yet another product of the lack of control on my part. If you've never shopped in American Apparel before or you've never bothered to check their website, you would probably just dismiss them just as another retail brand. But they're not. They're made in LA and sweatshop free. In fact, they state that in the receipt - which you can also get in your email if you ask for it. I just bought this one little bow but the receipt was long, stating all their policies, i.e. the refund period, getting the difference in cost if the item you buy suddenly goes on sale, and their guarantee that their products are fairly produced. Obviously, the prices are way out of my budget's league, hence the hair bow being the only purchase, but it felt good supporting an ethical brand like that. So, yeah, this is probably my first ever ethical purchase. It's simple but it definitely has immaculate quality - this is in comparison to the other hair bow I own. I picked orange because it's my favourite colour. I am so proud to be able to purchase something from them before I leave. Let us all support more ethical brands like them!

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