Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Untold Travel Story: Goldener Ausflug (2014)

If you have been following me for over 3 years, you’d know that whenever I travel, I will almost always write about it on this ol’ blog. But there are travel stories that I have yet to share, mostly because it all happens before the blog. But I’d really love to reminisce and write about them, mostly because these stories are worth telling and I may never see these people again. Maybe one day when I'm old and decrepit, this would be proof that I did indeed meet them. Enjoy!

The only time that I've ever gone on an extremely impromptu trip was probably one March afternoon when my roommate Adit and I got really bored with our day. I remember we just saw a potential new roommate out the door and hung out, saying how restless we both felt and, just like that, we grabbed our jackets and bags, walked out the door and took a train to Fulda. To be fair, Fulda was only an hour away from Kassel—where we lived at the time—so it's not that big a trip, but it was a much needed time out of the house and away from our town. This could've been a really bad decision, to be honest, because I was supposed to work on my portfolio for an art school submission—and, as you might know, I didn't get accepted—but, you know what, I was burning out and the day was lovely, so why not?

A little disclaimer: Adit and I had been roommates twice and he is by far my favourite roommate ever. I like hanging out with him at the house. We used to have late night chats until, like, 3 AM about practically everything—from movies that we like/don't like, our friends, conspiracy theories to really personal stuff. He used to ask about me when I was out of town or out late and I always made sure to have a cozy chat with him when I got back—it almost always ended up going for hours and hours. He encouraged me to go out to places I never would've thought of before, I invited him to hang out with my friends and introduced him to them. Lastly, we either have similar tastes in movies, music and books or completely polar opposites. I think it was because of that was this trip even remotely possible.

The trip was super quick and simple. We sat on the train for an hour until it arrived in Fulda, took a walk around for around 1-2 hours and took the same train home. Since we arrived there around 4 PM, I think, most of the tourist attractions were already closed—or was it a Monday? I can't really remember. Also, the trip was so sudden that none of us showered that day—my hair was so greasy and my outfit was so mismatched—that we only took one photo of ourselves. I love the way the sun dipped slowly into the horizon and the baroque-themed small town was bathed in this golden light, making all the ornaments shine even brighter. At the time, the place was exceptionally quite, there weren't many people on the streets, and it felt really peaceful. A much needed break from whatever we were fighting against in Kassel. At the time, I promised we'd come back—but it ended up being an unfulfilled wish.

Today Adit still lives in Kassel and we keep in touch through Facebook from time to time. I really wish we could go on an adventure again sometime, though I know we may never be roommates again.

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