Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The Last Hurrah

School has started again—yes, I'm back in uni now—and I'm somewhere between dreading it and excited about it. These photos, though, were taken on the last weekend before it began. Prior to its restart, the uni has brought me significant amount of stress already—gosh!—so this little sister date on Sunday was welcomed with wide open arms. It was our second visit to the World of Ghibli exhibition. It wasn't complete yet on our previous visit, so we were granted a second entry before the exhibition's over—which was actually that Sunday. The new additions were really great: there are storyboards of all the Ghibli Studio's animated features—which we unfortunately weren't allowed to take photos of and touch—and some other 3D attractions that weren't ready yet last time. The Flying Castle model was designed by my high school upperclassman, Wulan, who happened to be there when we visited too. So cool! Because it was the last day, the place was quite jam packed of people—unlike our last visit, which was rather devoid of visitors. We didn't stay for too long, because we already saw most of it anyway, but it was still such a heartwarming experience.

Book of Deer shirt // thrifted skirt + loafers // Sis's purse // photos by Akita

Let's talk a little bit about the outfit: as you may notice, there is literally nothing new on this outfit. The BoD shirt was from my first ever purchase, the skirt was thrifted years ago and the purse is eternally borrowed from my sister. There are some new stories, though. First of all, I can't believe why I never wore this top and bottom together, they just seem like such an obvious combo that I feel like I must have worn them together sometimes, right? Well, not on the blog, I haven't. So here they are. Also, the loafers—super old in my closet and probably a lot older in general—recently broke; one of the soles fell off. Recently, I took it to a shoe repair shop and had new pair of soles glued on. It feels rather strange under my feet, but great for walking so far. Let's hope they hold out! The problem with vintage shoes, am I right? Lastly, I've been dying to try this hairstyle since I had this hair cut. So happy to finally pull it off!

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