Friday, 1 September 2017

August in Overview

Traditional Javanese uniform for cousin's wedding (so hard to walk in!)

August was in-SANE! Too many things happened this month that are beyond my wildest dreams—okay, that's a tad exaggerated, but still. First off, Iva came for a visit back home and it was the best time—as always. I also met up with two online friends—one of whom I saw twice in a month! Towards the end of the month I got to go out of town—and explored one extra town—for my cousin's wedding. Ooh, speaking of weddings, three of my favourite people got married this month—congrats, you guys! I'm so sad for not being able to attend one of their weddings, but I wish all of you a lifetime of happiness anyway. What else? it's also been quite something: I got a new gig, which seems intriguing and hopefully will work out long-term. I've also been working on a personal project that I'm very excited about—slowly but sure. Ah, August, you're always so, so, so brimming with events!

Currently Reading

Literary-wise, August started out in a disappointing note with three quite shitty books. Although they gave me the chance to cross an item off my to-read list, the Dilan series was an absolute disappointment—so much so that I could hardly finish all the books. It was a typical teenage romance story, but one that lacks a witty storyline. Afterwards, I continued on the Artemis Fowl streak with the third book in the instalment, The Eternity Code. It's more exciting and action-packed compared to the prequel, so I'm looking forward to the next books in the series. But then I didn't continue with another Artemis Fowl, but instead went on with the Sir Thursday instalment from The Keys to the Kingdom series—skipping the third book that is still with my friend. Afterwards, I skipped two more books and jumped straight to Lord Sunday to finally finish this journey. Aside from actual hard copy books, I also read a few webcomics on Line Webtoon. Some of my favourites from the local artists are Lara(s)hati, a hilarious high school story and Matahari 1/2 Lingkar, a more melancholic and sweet story spanning since high school time. I also enjoy a 4-panel supernatural romantic Korean comic called Super Secret. It's just so adorable!

Currently Watching

Started the month with a big bang—get it?—with Gravity Falls. Finally! I've been intrigued with this series since, like, maybe 2012-2013 since I often saw various conspiracy theories in regards to it on tumblr. I can't believe there are only 2 seasons! Definitely need more love from Dipper, Mable, Grunkle Stan, Soos and Wendy—Alex Hirsch, please make a movie of it, at least. It's also a Ghibli-filled month with the screening of Princess Mononoke at the beginning and a visit to the Ghibli exhibition. By chance, I managed to catch Captain Fantastic on HBO as well—and it was magnificent! Of all the two times I watched it—never from the beginning—my heart was crushed throughout the entirety of this film. I particularly love Viggo Mortensen's and George MacKay's acting—how they didn't win an oscar is beyond me.  Lastly, I managed to catch two documentaries this month, including National Geographics' Diana: In Her Own Words—for someone who seemed to be universally loved, it's baffling how depressed she actually was and no one noticed—and Michael Moore's Where to Invade Next—which shows me the historically honest Germany, the incredibly forgiving Norway, the empowering Islamic Tunisia and the creativity-induced Finland, among others.

Currently Listening

Spotify started becoming a more active part of my musical pleasure. My brother and I—both survivor of the pop punk period of the early 2000s—listened to this pop punk playlist filled with nostalgic songs of our youth. God, how it took us back! From Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance, to Sum41 and Taking Back Sunday—you name it, they're all there. While my brother is still an avid listener of the genre, I've swayed these days to the Indie folk variety, and enjoyed this other Spotify playlist of such songs. It's such a great playlist to have when you're slowly driving home at night and you're so tired you just want a little calm and peace. But I also managed to discover a new musician without the help of said app—but through Noisetrade instead—and it is Tigers and Thieves, a quite young Indie band from the East Coast, USA. Their songs really remind me of forests and summery nature—their album artworks certainly help! My favourite piece from them is Charminar—their most recent song—followed by Change Your Mind and Lefts/Rights. They seriously make me want to get lost in the woods.

Highlight of the Month

Another outfit-shoot outing with Tasha // reunited with my the gang and it felt SO good // loots brought by Iva from Germany // my lip product collection (so far!) // meeting up with Amel once again, woohoo! // Germany gal pals' day out (of the year) // exploring the world of Ghibli with my sister // second meet-up with Amel (in less than 2 weeks!) // Cousin's wedding merch illustrated by yours truly

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