Thursday, 5 January 2017

The World Starts With You

Just like last year, the outfit posting starts with a sibling quality time this 2k17 too! Last year I talked about enjoying more quality time with my loved ones without the distraction of having my outfit photos taken. I think that is quite evident in the 2016 yearly review—and I do feel like it's been a great separation between me and my outfits. Hey, every healthy relationship can survive distance now and then, right? Setting my clothes apart from the blog has really given me fresh eyes to look at them. It's brought me back to the basic function of clothing: to protect us from natural harm—like wind, mosquitoes and the sun, to name a few. It becomes less like a show and more like second skin. This year my vow is to blog more personally and less 'relatably,' if that makes sense. I want to relate back to my blog again, to blog from the heart and less from the mind. I hope you won't get sick of it, though.

Hand-me-down purse + boyfriend shirt (literally!) // thrifted skirt // Oh My Bows! hairbow (giveaway!) // old socks // MKS shoes // photos by Akita

This sibling outing comes with a special guest, namely Firu—who tagged along in the form of his old shirt. Ever since I got interested in personal style, I'd been eyeing this shirt of Firu's, which eventually became too short for him. That being said, since the moment he gave it to me, I try not to wear it too often because I wanted his scent to still linger on. For a while, I could still smell him from this shirt, but—after this styling—it disappeared into thin air. Not going to pretend I didn't feel like shedding a tear at the fact. After letting it hang around for over a year, I decided I wanted to style it again. Hopefully, this will be taken out more often this year—fingers crossed there will actually be a remix post of this piece sometime this year. By the way, this was the day my brother, sister and I decided to splurge on food and drive around in search of, well, food—as well as a good place for outfit photos. I ended up paying for everything and going broke, so yeah. What have you guys been up to since the new year?

P.S: Can you guess the video game that inspires this post title? It's one of my all-time favourites!

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