Thursday, 26 January 2017

Hi, My Name Is Bivi!

Today marks the 5th birthday of Alive as Always. There seems to be so many new people since the first time I wrote this post and published it on this blog. So I thought it would be a tremendous idea to re-introduce myself—and ultimately the blog—to everyone. Let's start!

My name is Bivi and I am (now) 24 years old. I was born and raised in Indonesia. In 2011 I moved to Germany and lived there for over 3 years. It was my second year there that I started this blog. Now I am a freelance illustrator living back home in South Tangerang, Indonesia—yep, not Jakarta, but close enough. My interests consist of art & design, literature, culture (particularly Japanese culture), language (speaking 4 in total so far) and a little bit of science. Indie everything is basically my life now, so if you have any recommendations, feel free to leave them anywhere. Also, I'm currently in a long-distance relationship with a guy named Firu (for around 6 1/2 years now). He's literally the sweetest guy I've ever met and I love him very, very much.

About the Blog
As mentioned above, Alive as Always started in 2012—in January 2012, to be exact. It started out as a fashion/personal style blog but later on developed into something more. It became a space for me to share my latest adventures, admired artists, favourite literary pieces, culinary explorations, provocative thoughts and many, many more. At first I didn't know what I was doing, but later on decided that it should be a positive space—note that I didn't say "happy"—for me and all my loved ones. Yep, I really, REALLY love talking about my loved ones. Sometimes it gets superficial, sometimes it gets personal and sometimes it gets thought-provoking, but it's all from the heart.

In May 2013, I started thinking and researching about ethical fashion. Thus, my journey to become a conscious consumer began. For a girl who bought, in average, two clothing items per month, it wasn't easy to cut down and reconsider my sources, but it was definitely a journey worth taking. Needless to say, that small epiphany of sorts manoeuvred the whole direction of this blog—and lifestyle, for that matter. Don't get me wrong: there is still a whole length of progress to go, but I can now look back at that consumption-driven lifestyle of mine and see the difference.

20 Blogger Confessions of Mine

Blogging has made me more neurotic about what I wear and when to wear it.
Outfit photo-taking has put a strain on some of my friendships.
My friends are such angels, but I know they're very reluctant to take the photos.
Outfit photo-taking has definitely put some strains on my relationship with Firu.
Sometimes I wear an outfit for 2-3 days in a row until I have time to capture it.
Sometimes I post just for the sake of posting...and I'd hate it afterwards.
I felt self-conscious about promoting my blog until 2014.
Narcissism is one of the perceptions I fear the most to receive from the blog.
When it comes to engagement, comments are always better than likes in my book.
Whenever people ask me for fashion advice, I feel like such an imposter.
I don't actually dress up if it's not for the blog.
I thought if I started blogging, I will start hanging out with strictly bloggers (but nope).
At least once every year I think of quitting the blog.
Blogging is mostly a very lonely ordeal, especially in Indonesia.
One of the reasons I started the blog was Firu's Mom.
I prefer blogs that are thoughtful and reveal something about the writer.
Friendly, deep conversations with strangers often happen during outfit photoshoots.
Very rarely is my blog shared on my personal Facebook account for fear that my family can see it.
Trespassing is a recurring crime that I do for the blog.
I'm always pleasantly surprised to find new comments on and/or about the blog, so thank you.

Now I'd like to know more about YOU! Please leave a comment down below with your name, your blog (if you have one) and three facts about you. I'd love to read them all! Thank you for sticking around and I'll see you in the next post!

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