Sunday, 3 July 2016

Orange Range

While Ramadan is still here for a couple more days, I thought I'd slip in a little outfit post from earlier this month. These were taken the day my friend Jess and I met up to print our business cards. We designed our own and decided to have them printed out for Comic Frontier 7, where we will be opening a booth to sell our stuff. If you're in Jakarta on 30-31 July, please do stop by to say hello. Aside from us, there will also be Koletta and Elvin at our booth. This is my first ever experience in printing out name cards—that I designed—as well as setting up a booth to sell my work, so I'm super excited. These were taken while we were waiting for our cards to be printed and cut and we sneaked into 1/15 Coffee Shop to use the unused first floor. I've actually been here before, tasting their zesty lemon tea and scrumptious poppy seed lemon cake when I was camping out to finish my finals and go to the print shop across the street. The ambience is incredibly lovely, the interior is very nicely done but the food is a little overpriced, I'm afraid. Also, the top floor is my friend Ozora's office.

old top (local brand) // old skirt (local brand) // American Apparel hairbow // thrifted loafers // hand-me-down bag // photos by Jess

If you have been following this blog long enough—or maybe not long at all—you should know that orange is my absolute favourite colour. It's the reason I love autumn and, quite possibly, citrus fruits. I'm the type of girl who's not afraid of wearing orange dresses, orange accessories and orange lipsticks. And it definitely helps to know that it suits me, as some people have suggested throughout my life. I do hope that it suits me more than just physically, though. I hope orange also reflects my personality, instead of simply complimenting my skin colour. Orange just seems like such a positive colour to me—despite the fact that it's used in a seemingly negative way; as prison garments, for instance. To me, orange represents quirks, vibrance and playfulness. But change the shade a bit and it can turn melancholic, gloomy or even zesty. It is the very reason autumn is so beautiful. But maybe that's just me. What do you see when you see orange?

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