Monday, 18 July 2016

Firu ♥︎ Visya: 6th ANNIVERSARY!!

Yesterday was Firu and my 6th anniversary! As per our involuntary tradition since 3 years ago, we didn't get to see each other on D-day this year too, but we managed to spare some time for a Skype session and celebrate our love. At this point, it just comes naturally that we're still together, but it still feels so hard to believe how far we've come and how awkward we were when we started out. This illustration is one of my dearest memories of us. It took me all day to finish it because of computer issues, which stress me out. In this day and age, it just feels like relationships are getting a bad rep, with articles like this popping up more frequently. But—I gotta tell ya—being in a meaningful relationship can keep someone sane. It gives you someone you can trust, someone who will teach you things you've never imagined before and someone who will support you—and trust me, it matters a great deal. Take all that into account, isn't it worth taking a leap of faith and jumping into one? I did six years ago and my life hasn't been the same since.

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