Friday, 29 April 2016

Mix It Up a Notch: Babydoll Batik

The first year of blogging got me all inspired. When I came back home for a while, I had this drive to blog as much as I could and—apparently—design a dress for myself. This was August 2012. I found this lovely batik fabric—which I think used to belong to my late mother, unused and forgotten—in my closet. It was perfect and I immediately went to the drawing table and sketch up a design. Not some designs; one design! At this point, it's safe to say I knew nothing about designing a garment, but I took it to a tailor and he fixed some details and voilĂ , it's turned into this number. 

First things first, the collar was supposed to be peter pan collar but this was way back before it became a hit, that the tailor couldn't quite grasp it and, well, made it a rounded collar instead—although just as adorable. The skirt consists of two layers—the batik fabric and the black fabric—almost like an apron. It has a zipper on the back and merely decorative buttons on the chest. I absolutely love how perfect it is on its own, that I can both wear it casually and formally. The material is suitable for warmer weather, although the layering makes it compatible for colder seasons as well. It is snug and accentuate my figure. Definitely a keeper.

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