Monday, 18 April 2016


Photography class has come in handy a lot lately for me to sneak some shots for this little ol' blog. With its abundant field trips in photogenic locations—not to mention the plethora of cameras—it is so hard to resist my narcissistic pull. The other day our class went to Taman Museum Prasasti, which is an old Dutch cemetery—although most of the grave is devoid of bodies now. It is so gorgeous and beautifully laid out, with trees hanging about and tons of classical statues of angels and Christian deities laying around. After we first snapped some photos for our assignments—as field trips are usually all about—I asked a couple friends to help me take photos for the blog. After they all left, however, I decided to stay behind and take some more shots myself. It really brings me back to the good old days, when I used to take photos of myself in the wild—no tripod, no photographer, just me and my lens. The place was so vacant too, on a Thursday afternoon, it really felt like the good old days when I used to sneak around to have some private photo sessions.

thrifted top via weirdoinpink // Picard backpack (old) // vintage skirt // thrifted loafers // Urban Outfitters hat // Sox Galeri socks // photos by various people

In reality, life is keeping me so well and busy that I hardly ever have time to care about what I wear anymore. Blog posts come when they do—although I'm quite happy to say everything goes according to schedule so far. If I'm not doing my assignments, I'm working on other things in the same field. It's kind of nice, I hardly ever have time to feel sorry for myself anymore. But at the same time I wish I had some spare time to work on the blog—overdue blog makeover much? On a different note, I've been exploring life more and more lately. Taking the public transport has opened my eyes to so many things and, hopefully, made me braver. Funny how much easier it is once I decide to do it instead of looking at other people doing it—even during the merciless rush hour, by God. I'm making decisions for myself now and, for the first time in a long time, I remember waking up without regret on my mind. Is it possible that I'm happy—despite all the things that makes me unhappy?

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