Friday, 1 April 2016

March in Overview

Excited about...
new opportunities! Truth be told, for the majority of the month, I wasn't really excited about anything in life. But towards the end of it, I was introduced to new opportunities and—wait for it—a new job! It feels great to be working again, especially with the financial rut I've been in lately (read below for more details). If you must know, it is an internship for the illustrator position at TigaGenerasi for their social media infographics. It's not big, mind you, but with the schedule I have now, small works just fine for me. Hopefully, more opportunities will be brought my way and this is just the beginning of something new.

Currently reading...
The Alpha Girl's Guide by Henry Manampiring. It is so refreshing to read a book about feminism and female empowerment written by a guy! While books written by women, for women and about women are great, it just feels a little heavy handed without any backing from an impartial third party. This book takes on a male perspective on strong, independent alpha female, while incorporating life lessons from a successful woman's experience. I love how the author acknowledges that his book isn't perfect—which doesn't happen a lot in nonfictions—and encourages his readers to criticise and question its contents, forming their own individual opinions on the whole topic. To be written in Indonesia too, is simply perfect as patriarchy is still a "thing"...apparently.

Currently watching...
The True Cost, finally! If you've been following my blog for a while, you might realise that I feel strongly about ethical fashion. It all started with this post from 3 years ago, when I had a sudden...epiphany, if you will, about the clothes that we wear. However, I never once watched the documentary which started it all for most people...until now. It is as gripping, real and horrifying as everyone said it was. The most horrifying part being that it is actually happening on a daily basis on this planet we call home. How is it possible that we call ourselves good people when what we do almost obliviously contributes to someone else's excruciating pain? It's time to get educated and take a stand against consumerism.

Listening to...
"It's Like You Never Went Away" EP by Goldroom. Recently, I found Goldroom from Mizbering Music which Saku-chan shared with me on Facebook. I fell in love with Fifteen and stumbled upon its complete version video by chance. Although the story is decidedly cliché and the plot is way too quick, the songs are all music to my ears and I couldn't stop playing it on repeat. Aside from Fifteen, I also adore Embrace and California Rain—which, I just realise, leaves just one song out of my favour. 

Thinking about...
money. Straight forward, a little serious and definitely real. Towards the middle of this month, I ran out of money. It was so embarrassing to have to ask my father for transport money every time—even though my monthly allowance came from him (and my sister) anyway. There is a certain inferiority about asking other people for money and I absolutely loathe it! That being said, I'm still stuck in debt with a few people—including Firu—and they weren't even for something necessarily important! When I used to live by myself, managing money was a daily occurrence. But then I moved back home and landed back to square one. This needs to change next month. No more (new) debt!

So thrilled to find Maelle on Nylon Indonesia // eclipse prayer during the total solar eclipse // finally met up with Amel // typeface assignment prototype // been taking the commuter line a lot lately // bridge card project done! HP lvl: 5% // couple new books to read this month // violent demonstration leads to the destruction of public vehicles // reunited with my former neighbour (and new boss) Saskhya

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