Sunday, 17 January 2016

Fake Flowers, Real Love

Yep, we've got a kindergarten that looks like a castle out here ;)

Woohoo! First outfit post of the year! I gotta tell ya, it feels great to lay low from the blog for the majority of the month. Without the need to post my outfits every other day, I have more time to dress as I see please—without having to worry whether they would be suitable for the blog—and to appreciate them a little better. It has also reduced stress on my part, since I don't have to edit at least 10 photos a day and write about something intriguing despite the lack of interesting events in my life. This gives me more time to actually work on my assignments and create illustrations outside of it. Last but not least, my loved ones are finally spared from my almost-weekly demand for them to snap my shots. It is a huge relief for everyone. With the new year, I'd like to try out new stuff. For starters, I'd like to change the way I usually arrange my photos for posts like this. I hope you don't mind my experimenting with other arrangements in the future, until I can probably find one that you and I both like. Also, have you guys filled in the survey we had earlier? If you haven't, get a chance to have say on this blog here.

The line reads: "I'm a Tea person" (which is true!)

Arithalia dress (middle school favourite) // thrifted denim jacket // Urban Outfitters hat // "Tea" pin set by Snowlattes // Kipling bag (Sis's) // Mollinic loafers // photos by Akita + Cafa

January has been one intense month. Straight into the new year and already 2 amazing public figures passed away. Not to mention the bombing acts happening in Turkey and our own 'backyard' here in Indonesia. But let's forget that for a second and talk about something superficial like what's going on in this post. These were taken last week when my sister, my brother and I went for lunch at the nearby Japanese mall, ÆON. It was like pure culinary heaven and so clean! We fell instantly in love and spent hours hanging out there. Since it's so close by, we're positive we'll be back soon to taste all the food. The mall has this illumination park at the front, where tiny fake cherry blossoms light up at night, but in the daylight looks positively like a wilting garden. It was always a lot of fun hanging out with your loved ones. In fact, we just hung out again last Thursday when, well, the bombings happened—although, thankfully we weren't anywhere near where it did and we left unscathed.

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