Thursday, 21 January 2016

Ethical Fashion: Péro by Aneeth Arora

In the last decade, the fashion industry has developed in a global way. It has spread all over the world, not just in Europe and America, but it has also influenced Asia, for instance. Living somewhere some people consider as a third-world country, this is something which I have observed firsthand. Now the fashion industry is no longer centred in one place—namely Paris—it has various centrals, as proven by the amount of Fashion Week held all over the world. And, quite recently, I found an ethical fashion label which comes from the unlikeliest place—for me anyway, India. So here is Péro by Aneeth Arora!

Aneeth Arora is actually a textile designer, using materials and street styles from all over India, to create the best pieces. Aneeth makes use of local seamstresses to manufacture each and every one of her designs by hand. She also sources local materials for all of her collections, leaving nothing to pure chance. Péro's main concern is to create wearable items, inspired by the locals in the rural parts of india, creating an effortless effect to the wearer and compatible to be worn anywhere in the world. Although she has a clothing line, Aneeth prefers to think of herself as a textile and dress maker rather than a fashion designer. She is very passionate and meticulous about her textiles, attracting many designers to want to collaborate with her. One of her work has recently been exhibited in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Their F/W 2015 collection is my favourite! When my eyes stumbled upon it, I instantly fell in love. Her items are incredibly unique yet not over-the-top, as some labels can be when they try to be different. This collection in particular is made entirely of wool, which was sourced from all over India. It was inspired by military uniforms, which symbolises alter-ego, without making the whole collection look too masculine. In fact, I spotted some cute dresses among them, which I wish I could own too. This collection was in collaboration with Princess Pea, which—according to Aneeth Arora, also "symbolises the alter-ego of an Indian woman."

Their latest S/S 2016 collection is also absolutely darling. I love that it has a whole story behind it and that it's pyjama-themed. In comparison to its predecessor, which has a more rigid and authoritative feel, this collection offers a more laid back and innocent atmosphere. Not unlike the previous shows, this season's show also portrays so much of what the entire collection is all about. There were beds scattered on the side and ended in a bit of a stereotypical pillow fight. I'm not sure what the material was but from the looks of it, I think most of them are made with cotton. The way they fall on the body gives an impression of free spirit and no restrictions. Pure, girly innocence. Absolutely cannot wait for this collection to launch!

All photos belong to Péro by Aneeth Arora

In a world where fashion seems to be dominated by temporary trends and global generalisation, where you can hardly tell the difference between one item with the other, one designer with the other, it is really refreshing to see labels like Péro where the designer takes inspiration from her own surroundings, putting her heart in each and every one of her pieces. Not only that, she also uses local materials, models as well as seamstresses to create a native Indian feel to her collections, despite having a design that can be translated into wherever the item goes. The best part is, Aneeth Arora sees her clothing items more as artworks that everyone can own and wear, so she thinks everything through to make it the best possible piece that she's ever made. Definitely excited to see more of her works!

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