Saturday, 17 October 2015

(Traditional) Motif Mayhem

Let me tell you a little bit something about being an art student (finally!): it requires loads and loads of materials. At least the first two semesters will have you going back and forth to the nearest art stores and purchasing everything you can get your hands on. It's all fine and dandy back in Germany, because they had Boesner - which is just absolute heaven on earth. But in Indonesia, places like that are hard to come by - at least in Jakarta, anyway - and when they do, the items there are awfully expensive - compared to Singapore, as my friend says. On top of that, the items that you require might be all kinds of sizes - and you can't roll or fold them - which means you need to lug them around when needs be. But I feel like that is part of the glamour of being an art student: you get to haste with A1 folders in hand or a roll container slung at your back. People will look at you and be able to identify you in an instant. But, really, the best reward is being able to step in an art supply store and look at the plethora of artsy goodness.

Batik top (found in closet) // thrifted shorts // ethnic necklace (from an exhibition) // Pasar Seni 2014 tote bag // DF Fashion shoes

Yesterday I was feeling rather wild with batik, it seems. Here in Indonesia, Fridays become a silently agreed batik day. People go to work wearing batik, school children sport batik to school - unless they're an islamic school, in which case they will wear long-sleeved muslim attire - and some people are even ready to hang out donning batik attire. My part was actually by pure coincidence to have happened. The shorts are the ones I wanted to wear last week. Now that I have no obligations which will require wearing longer bottoms, I went for it. The ribbon on my head was actually to tie the waist of another batik dress which somehow went missing a couple years ago. But It's perfect for a hair ornament. Also, apparently I've lost 4kg since the last time I was at the doctor - which was mid August - so yaay! Feeling more and more items fit me now. Woohoo!

P.S: this was shot in the mall all by myself. Thankfully, the mall just opened so not many people were around

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