Thursday, 29 October 2015

Autumn Vibe in a Dry Spell

Lately, the internet has been adorned with the colours of autumn. Being my favourite season, it saddens me so not to be able to experience it anymore - well, at least not for the foreseeable future. The beautiful golden leaves, the plethora of mushrooms and tons and tons of persimmons. Instead, here in Indonesia we (are supposed to) have wet season, starting September. But it's almost the end of October and there's no rain just yet. If you don't already know, Indonesia is currently, literally ablaze. Forest fires everywhere, sending toxic smog across the country and now it seems ready to invade Jakarta. I bet that's also the reason why the rain hasn't come yet. This pisses me off so much! But I'll probably save it for another post - actually wrote an essay about this for my English class. But, really, what I want to know is: how have you been enjoying autumn so far, if you live in a country with four seasons? If not, what are you having right now? Please share along!

Thrifted dress via Pineneedle Collective // Marks & Spencer sweater (gifted) // C&A hat (old) // MKS ankle boots // photos by Ken

Just because we don't have autumn doesn't mean I cannot dress up in autumnal colours. Normally, this would mean shades of red and orange for me. But sometimes it's fun to look at the other end of the spectrum of fall colours, which are earthy tones and different shades of purple. This is what I'm channeling here, although the tights and boots are more winter. You might think this is an incredibly hot and bulky outfit for this weather but, surprisingly, it didn't make me sweat at all. The breeze which blew my skirt up definitely helped, of course. This dress somehow became the tool I use to measure whether or not I have lost weight, because now it fits me better almost just as it did when I purchased it last year. It's still one of my favourites - and has become my sister's favourite too, actually. Also, yes, this is the book I'm currently reading right now. I'll talk more about it in this month's overview.

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