Tuesday, 13 October 2015

One Minute of Your Day

Life has seemed to spin out of control lately, due to assignments and commute. It's been almost impossible to find a few spare minutes to do everything else. I wish I knew how to paint in the bus, to save time, you know. Sadly, I don't. So as soon as I get home, I usually open my laptop, write a blog post or two - depending on how many needs to be posted - and look at my assignments. Even in the weekends I don't seem to have a minute to breathe, since supplies need to be bought and, well, you know the rest. However, I believe, that even in the hustle and bustle of my new life, making time for people who matter is top priority. Which is why Firu and I still talk on Sundays. Also why Cynthia and I met up last Friday, even for just an unbelievably quick lunch at my campus - which so happens is also a mall. At first, I thought we'd have a good 1-2 hours together but, somehow, it passed us by in a flash. I feel so bad for her sister, Widya - who is twelve! Can you believe it? - because she came all the way here just for lunch. I promise, next time it will be a lot more fun.

Thrifted top via fleaubergine // May & June skirt // Picard backpack (old) // American Apparel hairbow // H&M socks // vintage loafers // photos by Cynthia and Widya

Not much to say on the outfit, since I haven't been shopping in almost 2 months. It's just the same old items from my same old wardrobe. I hope you guys aren't bored of them yet. At first, I wanted to wear this top with shorts, but since I was going to attend a semi-religious club meeting, I thought otherwise. Instead, I opted for this skirt, which is cute enough and not too long. The hair style was done by my Stepmom, who managed to braid my hair a little bit to create this wonderful 'do. It was - and still is - really hot in Jakarta so I really wanted to pull my hair up as much as possible. The backpack is just logical, what with going to class and everything - although this is a lot less than what I usually bring. To top off the look, I wore NYX Butter Lipstick BLS10 Hot Tamale, which Cynthia said compliments my outfit very well. I don't own a lot of cosmetics, but I hoard tons of lip products. Yep. So what have you guys been up to lately? Let me know in the comments, okay?

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