Sunday, 18 March 2018

Current Obsessions

I can't tell you how long I've gone without having a smidgen of thought on personal style, blogging or, well, social media in general. Lately, my mind has been overflowing with the thoughts of piling assignments, work stuff and, delightfully, books. It's probably one of simplest joy at the moment—quite possibly the only one I can completely indulge in nowadays. According to Goodreads, I am at the moment 5 books ahead of schedule—with my goal of reading 45 books this year, fingers crossed!—with currently 14 books in total. So far so good, don't you think? Aside from literature, I've also been trying to take care of myself better—starting with setting out a workout routine. It's nothing groundbreaking—just an aerobics class once a week—but it's good to keep my muscles moving. That and my conscious take on consuming food have helped me lose weight and feel better about my body. Something else I've been rather obsessed with is Netflix. I recently finished The End of the F***ing World—and completely fell in love!—and now am still following Violet Evergarden and The Crown. Can't wait to raid everything Netflix has to offer!

Old dress // hand-me-down skirt + purse // thrifted loafers // photos by my sis

Yesterday my sister and I went on a little hangout time to an imported book sale at a local store. It was quite a last-minute decision. A free time I honestly can't afford—and, yet, I went anyway. I probably will regret that decision greatly today. Oh well, I'll just have to make it up somehow, right? Says someone who hasn't made progress on her work and class assignments. Well, anyway, I had a rather grand old time at that book sale, rummaging through mountains of books before deciding what I would actually pay for. Luckily, at the very last minute, I found this wonderful book I've been lusting over for a year or so. Have you read this one? I'm very intrigued to find out all about it. As per my 25 Before 26 goals, I try my best to just purchase books from my to-read list. This one definitely fits the bill! Okay, yes, there are still technically 10 or so books I have yet to explore on my own shelf, so this one might have to wait. But it's still so exciting to finally own a copy. What have you been reading/watching lately? Do share along!

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