Saturday, 10 February 2018

The First Date in Three Years

Hi, guys! It's been a month since I decided to blog less regularly and, man, it feels like it's been forever since we last had a sort of chat/life update on this blog. How are you? January wasn't wonderful for me—it felt like it went on and on and on—but something quite life-changing and tremendous happened towards the end of it. If you follow me on instagram, you might already know: Firu has finally come home! Not for good, mind you, but long enough for us to enjoy each other's company multiple times. And yesterday we finally went out on a date! This is huge for me, as we haven't gone on one in over 3 years—and I thought we wouldn't see each other for at least another couple years. It was a much needed time alone together, talking about stuff we weren't able to on video calls—of a serious nature that makes me feel like we're even closer with each other now. And it wouldn't be our date without me pestering Firu to help me take photos for the blog, but now I'm better at being less neurotic about it. So yaay! We tried out this King Mango dessert from Thailand—which is massive—and it's really delicious. We got two loopy straws and did the cliché couple sip. Cringe, I know :')

Ask by Asky dress (old) // gifted batik bolero // thrifted loafers // photos by Firu

Let me talk a little bit about how big a difference my decision last month has on my life—well, my online life, anyway. First of all, the one huge thing that triggered that verdict is actually Firu's aversion towards, well, putting his face on social media. This isn't news to me, to be honest, as he has expressed his take on it various times since I started blogging, but I wanted to believe that he was just being sheepish about it or will change his mind eventually. That obviously didn't happen. So, deciding to finally respect his wishes, I will only ever post Firu's face (or any parts of his body and belongings) with his full consent—which is why you don't see his face on this post, which may seem out of the ordinary. And on instagram only very, very rarely. That in itself, I feel, has improved my relationship with Firu by leagues. We may have been going out for such a long time, but we can still learn things about each other and being together. Trust is very important and I'm determined to show that he can leave his with me.

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