Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Barrels of Fun

This month has been all about hanging out with Firu and our friends. Honestly, I feel so much more alive now; there just seems to be so many fun things going on that I'm left wishing they will never, ever end. One of the highlights we had was when we were reunited with our core circle of friends in Germany—consisting of Edwin and Wilson, as you probably have seen. This is huge, since it's been around 5 years since the last time we all hung out like this. Technically Edwin, Wilson and I just saw each other around 2 months ago, but even so, a lot has happened in our individual lives that we could all fill each other in on the new updates. We just walked around aimlessly, looking for a place to chat as much as humanly possible. Wish Iva were here too. But I'm a fool if I thought our being together would transport us back to the carefree days of our youth. Nothing will ever happen the same way twice and change is part of being alive. It's time to acknowledge that.

Firu's old shirt // old dress + tights // MKS shoes // hand-me-down purse // photos by Edwin

One of the things I really like about hanging out with Edwin is the fact that he likes photography enough to tolerate my blogging needs. As usual, he took these shots of me—thank you very much!  Wilson was also patient enough to let me get on with things—plus, helping me laugh with his jokes. Firu, on the other hand, sauntered off to the bakery to kill some time. These were actually taken inside a mall, at a far corner I never even looked at before. Incredible how there's the perfect backdrop on some random corner of this food court place. These were taken only a few minutes before we left the building, off to karaoke that we haven't done together in years. I always love karaoke-ing with this lot. I feel so free to do whatever, that I actually broke into a dance in the middle of it. It prompted Edwin to say, "You wouldn't know the difference between her being drunk and sober." Well, what can I say? My whole life is drunk.

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