Friday, 5 January 2018

With a Little Help from My (Ex-Pat) Friends

 Melly's Garden

The day after Christmas—one that, in English-speaking countries, is called Boxing Day—my Germany pals and I went out for lunch, because one of our own came home for a visit. Unlike usual, where we come up with various plans to have fun, this time—due to the tightness of finances—we decided to find a rather cheap but comfortable place at the heart of Jakarta to converse for as long as we like and catch up on various topics. It was a much-needed quality time, really, with the year ending and all I want to do is reflect and wind down. We came to yet another new restaurant that none of us has ever tried before—I found it online—located in the Menteng area. The place has a rather nice indoor and outdoor area, with a plethora of ornaments and decorations of old. It's also rather quiet and chilled, which was just exactly what we were looking for. We ended up hanging out there for five hours, chatting and laughing and causing a racket. It was hella fun! 

Book of Deer shirt // old varsity jacket + hat + shoes // hand-me-down pants + purse // photos by Edwin

These photos were taken after we had a really great time of catching up, laughing at each other and exchanging opinions on various topics—basically, when we're almost out the door, really. My friend Edwin has always been a photography-enthusiast and he's always been the one responsible for taking most of our pictures when we go on trips together. Needless to say, at occasions such as this, when we get to hang out once or twice a year, he's the one I go to for outfit photos. Thankfully, he never says no—although I'm not sure if it's not out of reluctance. On top of that, Ratri helped too, directing me on how to pose for certain photos, and Wilson didn't utter a word of complaint. They've known me since before the whole blogging thing—and being mostly out of the picture on it—yet never jeered at me, when I ask for help. I'm always grateful for friends like this. Thanks, guys, you all rock!

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