Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Shifting Focus

This is my fourth attempt on writing this post, which hopefully will tell you how seriously I feel about the content. For weeks I've struggled to organise my thoughts and feelings on this matter, that everything I write seems wrong. I've been trying to just come up with introductions to what I'm trying to say, when I should really have just come out with it. So here it is: I am quitting blogging. It sounds quite dramatic, doesn't it? I guess it kind of is. It's been something I've struggled with in the past 6 years—on and off have I thought about making this decision—but now I've made up my mind. It seemed like such a huge deal a few weeks ago, but now it feels only natural.

Recently, I just realised that I've been spending more time on the blog than I should. I know deep inside that it's not a job, but I keep making excuses to invest more energy and thought into it. However, for all the things I've gained from it, the resources that I've had to spend on it are just far too much. Amidst other parts of my schedule that I'm juggling, it's been costing me a lot of sleep or time to actually explore my professional field and take on more work experience. It's tested a lot of my relationships with friends and family. But, most of all, it hurts to know that no one cares anyway. When I shared these thoughts on this very space, nobody gives me any kind of response. That's when I realise I've been joking myself—it doesn't matter what I do with this space.

Another reason, I suppose, for making this decision is the fact that most of my online friends have reduced their frequency of blogging or ceased to do it altogether. It made me feel less connected to this world and to them, really. I started to question the point of my blogging, especially since most of my closest IRL friends also very rarely go to social media—or blogs, for that matter. This whole time I blogged on schedule, on the premise that someone somewhere might be waiting for my blog contents on the appointed time. But I have to accept that it's never been true. 

That being said, I'm not going to stop blogging altogether, but I will not keep to my usual schedules or usual contents. It will be less structured, more sporadic and chilled. I'd still love to share some information on ethical fashion or zero waste lifestyle—although I'm no expert. Book reviews are most likely to appear on the blog more often in the future. And then, well, who knows? Thank you for dropping by from time to time, I greatly appreciate it! See you when I see you.

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