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November in Overview

Nervous laughing because I don't know how to encourage kids to draw :')

November this year—not sure if it's every year—was so stressful for me. It wasn't at first but, then somewhere in the middle and towards the end, it became really, really frustrating. Exam period was smack dab in the middle of the month and I am almost completely drained—mostly thanks to shitty group partners and vague information regarding said exams. Great! That being said, I did quite enjoy the start of the month, with a few events happening. Looking through my instagram—because that's how I try to recall the past 30 days, usually—it seems like my life has been quite busy and topsy turvy and such, that I barely ever posted anything throughout November. There were a lot of firsts, though, even when I can't quite document them on social media: the first Japan Film Festival I attended, the first workshop I taught and the first time going to Little Tokyo. Can't wait for December already, especially Christmas-and-New-Year's break, because God knows I need it!

Currently Reading

Due to circumstances mentioned before, I didn't get a lot of chance to read this month, but I read quite a fair few. Continuing from last month's wrap-up, I actually spent the first week of the month still trying to get through A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. It is absolutely mind-blowing, throwing reminiscent feelings for Sophie's World by Jostein Gardner, with a whole lot of Japanese zen vibe in it as well. Absolutely adore the ending! Afterwards, I continue on with the rest of the Harry Potter series, finding more and more things that aren't available in film form. So far, I've only gotten to the fourth book—which I've only started a couple days ago. However, my feelings and thoughts on the book have been quite controversial—some parts I prefer in the films, for instance. You can read them all in my Goodreads. After this, I'll probably read something else first, mentally preparing myself for the really thick 5th book.

Currently Watching

There has been quite a number of Japanese films this year, most especially because of JFF I mentioned earlier. The movies I watched there were the live-action version of ReLIFE (whose anime-version you might have seen in January) and Daytime Shooting Star (昼中の流星). They're both really funny and really sweet! I especially love the main character of DSS, who isn't at all like most shoujo manga heroines. She's really strong, honest to her feelings and absolutely kind towards others. Meanwhile, I've also been watching a lot of anime at home too. Probably influenced by these two titles, I suddenly had a hankering for some shoujo stories. That's when I decided to finally watch KareKano (彼氏彼女の尋常), which is the best shoujo title I've ever experienced. The heroine is really strong-willed, smart and different from the usual, while the hero is complicated, insecure and honest. It's so true to life and relatable! Lastly, out of topic, I managed to catch a documentary series on DWTV called Founders' Valley, which really opens my eyes about eco-startups in Indonesia.

Currently Listening

For some reason I didn't listen to a lot of music lately, let alone discover someone new. If I have to choose a title or artist that I've been listening to a lot lately, I suppose it's got to be Asian Kung-Fu Generation. But I actually only listen to their track, Re: Re: over and over again. In case you didn't know, it is the opening soundtrack for Erased (僕だけがいない町), which is a tremendous story that everyone should check out. Also, I've been obsessed with the artist who designed the album cover, Yuusuke Nakamura—you might recognise him from his work for Tatami Galaxy (四畳半神話大系) and, more recently, The Night is Short, Walk on Girl (夜は短し歩けよ乙女). These titles also have Asian Kung-Fu Generation singing their soundtracks. See how it comes full circle?

Highlight of the Month

Breakfast-making + current read // attending JFF for the first time // joining Fanart Friday every 2 weeks this month // cozying up to lemon tea and Harry Potter // playing teacher for kids in my first ever workshop // killed my hands while taking notes for exam // visiting a church for group project // first Little Tokyo experience at Kira Kira Ginza // treating myself to a new book

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