Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Feigning Festivities it is! The last outfit post of the year. I seriously can't believe that it's almost 2018 already—I could've sworn 2017 just started yesterday. How the time flies, huh? I'm sorry this is what the last outfit post of 2017 looks like. I wish it was more exciting and eventful, but life has been pretty boring for me lately. It's also been pretty chilly too—or I'm just slowly getting ill—hence the chunky jumper. Okay, I'm kidding myself, it's never cold enough in the Jakarta area to justify the jumper. Or the bubble hat, for that matter. But, hey, I was feeling the festive season, so why not, right? If I'm going to a Christmas party of some sort, I might give this outfit another go. But that doesn't seem likely. Also, I'm broke, so there's very little chance of, uh, deliberately going out to eat in the next...month, I think. I know, that pretty sucks, but such is life. A little update of what's going through my head at the moment: I'm getting a haircut. Yep, it's finally time to chop off the locks—I've had enough of long hair. It's time to accept that Firu isn't coming home anytime soon—plus, even if he is, he won't care what my hair looks like. So there.

Old jumper + hat + socks // thrifted shirt + loafers // Book of Deer skirt

As I've confessed before, I haven't been feeling up to blogging lately. I don't know why, but I sometimes lose the will to blog—like earlier today, for instance. My life has been pretty mundane lately, with uni, work and, well, the absence of money. I can't really dress up to campus much anymore, since they have stupidly strict dress codes—how that is relevant to our GPAs I'll never know. And, since I barely have any money to spare, I spend a lot of time at home lately, brewing tea, reading books and watching Youtube. While I find it fun and enjoyable, it's not photogenic, you know. Also—what I think is a huge factor—my blogging friends have mostly ceased to blog anymore. In turn, I also hardly ever read other people's blogs anymore too. The fun of sharing my life with people is almost completely extinguished. But I am still a person with a lot of thoughts, opinions and experiences that I'd like to share with people—who may or may not care about them—so I'm sometimes still driven to blog. I don't know, can you guys please tell me if you want me to continue? Am I talking to walls?

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