Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Ethical Fashion: Stella McCartney

Who doesn't know Stella McCartney? You would at least know her father, Paul McCartney, right? Well, his daughter is a renowned fashion designer, apparently. I've known Stella McCartney as a brand for several years now, but I never thought that her brand is ethical. As a matter of fact, they are actually the world's first and only vegetarian luxury brand. Their manufacturing process is thoroughly laid out on their website and they talk in depth about their attempt to live up to the ethical label status that they uphold. It is their understanding that they are not perfect as a brand and try to keep monitoring every aspect of their production process to ensure the most ethical procedure possible is being practiced in their factories.

Not only is their commitment something to be applauded for, their style and unique designs often catch the eyes of celebrities and the greater public alike. The use of several different patterns in cuts that are far from conventional is enough to attract attention. The style is chic yet with a vintage '70s and '80s vibe possibly—with all the crazy patterns and almost abstract placing. The silhouette is very modern but with a touch of classic quirks that has lasted almost a lifetime. Not only do they have clothes, Stella McCartney as a label also produces bags, accessories and lingeries. They claim not to use any animal byproduct in their items, for environmental and health reasons—they use leather alternative instead, which you can read more about here. Not just for women, Stella McCartney also provides clothes for children.

Stella also collaborates with various organisations to keep up to date with the latest ethical practice as well as the latest environmental issues to fight. I think it is amazing how bold and brave Stella McCartney is in sticking to her belief in creating her garments. Her brand has become a household name for all fashion enthusiasts worldwide—and to think that it's ethical!—which hopefully will inspire other high end brands as well as fashion icons to switch to more ethical practices—both for people and the environment. Even Anna Wintour acknowledges and supports her work in bringing sustainability into the elite community and high fashion industry. Let's just hope other brands will soon follow suit in her footsteps.

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