Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A New Commitment

At the beginning of the month, my good friend Cynthia and I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in BSD. As a self-proclaimed bookworm, it was a temptation which is hard to resist. It was probably one of the biggest book bargain sales to happen in this big city—and it was super crowded. People lose their shit over cheap(er) books—that they were willing to cut lines and abandon common courtesy altogether. We didn't realise how packed it would be and decided to come there rather late, which cost us a couple hours to wait in line—which is about 2/3 of the time we spent there. It was insane! But, luckily, there were still a plethora of books to choose from and I went completely nuts. I might have chosen over 10 books that I would love to buy...but had to cut it down to 2 because—let's face it!—I haven't got a money tree yet. To be honest, the bargain wasn't all it's cut out to be—I've seen books marked way cheaper before—but it sure did offer a lot of titles I have yet to see elsewhere. This book is one of the two I picked up—get it?—and I absolutely love it so far! It is set in South Africa and tells a love story shrouded in politics and culture. I'll talk about it more at the end of month for sure!

Book of Deer top // thrifted skirt (flea market) + loafers (vintage) // old hairband + satchel // photos by Jess

I've been meaning to style my Book of Deer pieces some more but it's been mighty difficult to find the time to lens them. Funny thing is: I wear them all the time! And I've been trying to figure out ways in which I think, "Eilidh might like this," you know—because I would hate to disappoint the designer. This time I thought I'd opt for something a little brighter and...uhh, bold? I don't know what to call it. Also, I just realised how perfect Eilidh's pieces are for reading. This is the look I would imagine a bookworm would rock. I hope she will be inspired by libraries sometime in the future—she hasn't done a collection on that, right?—because I'd get all over that in a heartbeat. Also, from now on, I will label items in my outfit as "old", if it isn't manufactured ethically—or at least sweatshop-free—as I don't want to support their practice any longer. The way I see it, even though I've stopped purchasing from them but if I showcase them here, people will be interested to check out their store and eventually make a purchase—which will indirectly be my fault. Or maybe I'm just being way too serious for my own good...again.

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