Thursday, 20 March 2014

Nothing Changes Really About Love

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Ah, spring. They say it's the season of love. Then again, any season is perfect for love. The world wouldn't turn to winter and you'd stop loving your loved ones, now would you? If you do, then you're a terrible person. I'm currently reading Alice Munro's Dear Life: Stories, which is incredibly written and absolutely brilliant - no wonder it won the Noble prize. One of the stories told of a woman's reciprocated love which seemed so quick in its development. In the end, it fell through and left a permanent mark on the woman's memories. Years later, she still remembered the tremor the man causes to her heart and, upon seeing him again, she was ready to up and leave with him. Such is the story of love that I always imagined. A feeling so deep and strong it etches a little fleck on your being when it ends. This is not to say that moving on should be an impossible task. But, if you see each other years later, somehow you would either decide to finally be together - if the possibility ever presents itself - or be happy for the other person if they're happy with their current circumstance. Much like that of Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy, according to Becoming Jane. Such is the love I've always wanted.

Esprit shirt (old, Mom's) // vintage cape via lucedalevintage // H&M socks // vintage brogues + skirt

An impromptu outfit this was. I somewhat threw it on to do the groceries but ended up just taking pictures and having some snack out instead. What? The sun was so beautiful and it lured me out. It was honestly a tad too hot to be wearing capes out. But you know spring, the weather could change like that (snap finger here). I turned out not to be too wrong, since the wind started blowing mildly toward the evening. Obviously, during the day, people all stared at me for wearing a cape, for two reasons. The first reason being the aforementioned weather condition and the second being that nobody wears capes anymore. I know it's impractical and a little fussy, but capes are just too adorable to pass on. This is the location for this post too, by the way. I tried finding it ever since but somehow couldn't. I was even half-convinced that it was actually a different realm. By pure chance, I found it on this day. How bout that? Also, I'm at Firu's at the moment. God, I've missed that dude for the two months that we hadn't seen each other. Oh hey! By the way, I just started joining ModCloth Style Gallery, come check it out and follow along if you like!

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