Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Everything Is All-Red

♫ Everything Is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack ♪

What's up, guys? Life has been rather pressing on me. Unlike January and February, which moved sluggishly, March is flying right by. I've got three projects in mind - two of them part of an even bigger project - and I am losing my mind. One of them is almost done but I'm still trying to figure things out. The other one is in the process. This one's an independent project so I feel more relieved with the freedom that I have. It's been kind of eating at me at the back of my mind. If you want to guess, I'll give you a hint: this second project is part of my 21 Before 22 List. Killing two birds with one stone, eh? In Indonesia, we call it "Paddle once, 2-3 islands passed." Islanders, am I right? The last project is something I'm planning with my sister and my stepmom. It's huge and something I never thought I'd do but I am so excited! I'll share it all with you guys, soon as I'm done. Promise.

A stranger who happened to pass by helped me take this photo. Thank you, kind sir!

Fashion to Any dress // C&A coat // DIY scarf // vintage penny loafers

Today's outfit theme is red. Red from practically head to toe. Can you believe I'm still wearing a coat? Everyone in Europe seems to have shed their coats. I just haven't got the memo. I just had to wear this outfit before winter officially ends because I love the way this scarf looks on this coat. There's just a sophisticated feel to the whole silhouette. This is a farewell to this coat until next autumn as spring has arrived. Time to trade it with a lighter jacket. The boots have already been kicked off. I cannot tell you how much I miss these loafers. By far the most comfortable and beautiful shoes I have. But I do have a more beautiful pair, which I cannot wait to wear this spring. Not only that, this dress must also be worn one more time before spring and summer come. It's backless and everything but it's made out of wool, which means it will be too thick and hot for spring. The stranger who helped me with my photo asked if I made the dress myself. Oh wow! What a flattery!

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