Thursday, 26 January 2012

By The Riverside...

Hello, everyone! This is my first blog post on this blog. To be quite honest, I am no fashionista. Ask anyone who knows me, they'd agree. However, I have started to take a liking to fashion thanks to Flashes of Style and A Beautiful Mess. I'm still a rookie but would love to show off what I've got so far and mark my improvement. So this blog is both for myself and other people. I hope you can take a liking to my posts. Here we go!

Rilakkuma makes an appearance! It was a birthday present from my beloved ♥

All right, first things first. The black lace dress is from Esprit. My first ever lace dress that ISN'T for my cousins' weddings. The black cardigan, the scarf and the red coat are from C&A. Okay, I shop retail, so sue me. The necklace is, however, a one-of-a-kind I bought back in Indonesia on a convention. Lovely, no?

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    1. niatnya sih pada dasarnya cuma pamer baju aja kok haha ´ ▽ `


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