Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Current Favourites: Online Finds

If you've been following my blog since at least last year, you would probably remember that I used to have this—shall we say—segment every month, where I compile my favourite reads, watch and listen of said month. But, since I've decided to stop being too structured, serious and planned about this whole blogging thing, I have stopped posting this segment anymore. As much as I love having the free time to do whatever else I prefer, I'm also sometimes close to bursting out with all the stuff I'm dying to share with people. It always feels kind of sloppy and/or out of place to post about them on my social media. Hence this post. These are just a few bits and bobs that I've been really digging on the interweb and I feel like everyone would benefit from having a taste of them.

The Off Camera Show

I love listening to people talk about things they are passionate about, especially public figures. Unfortunately, when it comes to celebrities, interviews with them often become one of those opportunities used by the media to really dig up dirt on their personal life. Sam Jones's conversations with various actors and actresses—be them big award-winning names or ones with subtle fame—offer a different approach and always end up making me feel closer to each and every one of these figures. You can really learn about their back story, their mindset and how they work their craft, without a stint of judgment. It's brilliantly shot in black and white and have seemingly no audience, really completing that sense of intimacy.


It was through an assignment, I think, that I stumbled upon this art blog. Yatzer offers news in the artistic world and introducing numerous creative and unique projects from across the globe. It often dives into the large-scale artwork, including architecture, installations and exhibitions. There are so many incredible, mind-blowing ideas that almost never make it to mainstream media, and here is a place where you can find them. These are some of the best ideas I've ever seen and it's quite unbelievable to know that someone out there has done it. Some of my favourite articles include The Spring Whispers Book Club, Gestural Sculptures of Paint and Algorithmic Portraits.

The Discoverer

Around a year ago, I got a little treat on my inbox when Nicholas, an editor of The Discoverer, emailed to tell me about this idea they were developing. That was how I started subscribing to their amazing newsletter—which I love! A little back story, The Discoverer is a community-based guide for travellers of the world. Every week they send out emails, containing all the information you'd ever need, want or ask for when visiting the week's destination—starting from the best time to go, recommended places to visit, to an experience from one of the community members. They cover a great variety of places around the world, from the most-hyped places to the less well-known ones. Honestly, I've never seen better travel guides.

The Sustainability Project

As someone who has been trying—very lazily—to transition to the zero-waste lifestyle, I've been looking for items I can switch to. So far, I've ever seemed to only find such items in the west—the US or Europe—until I stumbled upon The Sustainability Project. It is a Singapore-based zero-waste shop, filled with amazing, gorgeous products that are plastic-free and aesthetically pleasing. They have items, like bamboo toothbrush, beeswax wrapper and stainless steel bento box. My favourite, to be honest, is the rose gold boba-sized stainless steel straw. Unfortunately, they don't really ship overseas. They tried to give me an exception once, but the shipping turns out to be way too expensive for me. In the end, I managed to find a similar store in Indonesia, but that boba-sized straw can't seem to be found anywhere else. Wish I could go to Singapore just to collect it!


A web series by New York Times, looking at motherhood through the eyes of 7 women with various backgrounds, various experiences and various feelings about it. I think motherhood is something that is still taboo to talk about, unless you have nothing but joy and elation about the experience. However, in truth, there is definitely so much more to it than that. I mean, sure, we could be happy with the arrival of a little baby, but it can't be the only thing we're feeling—especially if we have to be on its beck and call 24/7. Also, how we see motherhood in general is greatly influenced by our childhood and the people around us. These stories are truly fascinating, unpredictable and greatly touching.

What have you been loving from the internet lately? I'd love to know!

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