Monday, 5 June 2017

A Thread of Impulse

The Textile Museum (Main Building)
Time for another solo museum outing from yours truly. This time my destination was the Textile Museum—located by the Tanah Abang train station, only less than 10 minutes on foot. The site is actually a complex of old buildings dating all the way back to the early 19th century—the main building was built by a Frenchman, apparently—surrounded by a gorgeous garden with a touch of traditional Indonesian shacks and gazebos. It's actually a great place for learning anything about textile. They offer workshops for batik, natural dye, tie-dye, sequence application, silk painting, embroidery and creating textile patterns on pottery. If you only feel like taking a look around, unfortunately, I don't think there is very much to see, in terms of exhibitions. Aside from the Batik Gallery, which houses all sorts of batik from all parts of the country and its materials, there is only the main building you can look into. When I went there, there was a special exhibition being held. However, the place was rather small for a museum and I can't imagine it housing much of anything, normally.

The Batik Pavilion for workshops
The Batik Gallery

Hand-me-down batik top + jumper skirt + purse // thrifted loafers // old boater hat

To be honest, when I planned a quick trip here, I didn't think about an outfit post at all. However, when I arrived on the spot, seeing how beautiful and devoid of people the place was, I just couldn't resist. Granted, I came during the Friday prayer, so everyone there pretty much swarmed to the nearest mosque. I was so mesmerised by the place that I couldn't help but to start propping up my camera and take pictures of and by myself. I climbed on a bit of walls, threading the line of proper conduct as people were streaming back into the area—oops!—but, luckily, nobody said anything, so I just kept on going. After I took some photos, I decided to actually take a look around the museum—and it was then that I found this city guide of Jakarta. Yes, we have the internet and all that but the information is never as detailed and orderly as this adorable guide. If you ever want to explore the city, I definitely recommend picking up one of these at the nearest tourist information offices—or download the digital version here, if you prefer that.

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