Thursday, 25 May 2017

Monthly Read: Let the Right One In

Not too long ago, a friend of mine asked me for some horror book recommendations. As much of a bookworm as I am, horror is just not a genre I'd voluntarily approach—I'm just a terribly huge chicken, okay? That being said, it turns out that I've stumbled upon such books at some point in my life and I've enjoyed some of them greatly—one of which is this Swedish title. You might know this title from the cinematic feature from 2008—which is also where I first experienced the story. After watching the film several times throughout the years, it turns out that my sister had the book this whole time—story of our lives, really—and so I thought I'd add this to the tiny list of horror books I've delved into. The story revolves around Oskar, a twelve-year-old boy who gets bullied at school and has virtually no friends, and Eli, a twelve-year-old vampire who moves in next door. They form a friendship, which slowly develops into something more—without Oskar knowing what Eli truly is.

There are significant differences, I feel, between the film and the book. First off, there are characters that don't even get honorary mention in the film, such as Johan—Oskar's closet friend—and Tommy—Oskar's older neighbour. Second of all, the movie leaves out crucial details and plot twists, which should give the story a different impression—though most of these are seriously disturbing information that may not have been necessary or appropriate for the film. The book allows the characteristics of the people involved to develop and be given a 360º view. There are some background stories that give the story a whole other feel—including Håkan's point-of-view, the big picture of Oskar's parents' divorce and the life of the middle-aged group that will later on link to Oskar's and Eli's lives. If you've watched the movie before, this book could enhance or ruin your impression of the story, but I do feel it would give you the whole picture.

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