Friday, 5 August 2016

Stealing Time Between Rains

Does any of you still remember Tasha? If you don't (or at least don't remember that she's been on the blog before), here's a little something to jog your memory. The other day—which was around 2 weeks ago—we decided to meet up again after almost a year of not hanging out with each other. It's not like we haven't tried, but as you grow older it just gets a whole lot harder to meet up with friends anymore—even the ones you just started to get to know. She asked to meet up at Epicentrum Walk. It's (again) one of those regions that I almost never venture to but I'm glad we did. The place looks so much like Singapore instead of Jakarta. It felt like we were being teleported to another country in the blink of an eye. Some parts of the area looks quite deserted, but—with a change of perspective—can still look photogenic. It was raining on and off all day, though, so we stole some time in between downpours and looked for a nice location indoor. An update on Tasha, btw: last time I said she was a blogger but now she's more of an Instagrammer and Divina who hung out with us last time too is now a quite well-established Youtuber, so the next time we see each other again it'll be one heck of a meetup ;)

Sis's top // drsv pants (giveaway!) // old loafers + macramé purse // photos by Tasha

On to the outfit: I swear I didn't mean to wear exclusively batik pants when I meet up with Tasha. It just so happens that I rediscovered the love I had for this pair around the time that we were about to hang out. These pants—as I've mentioned before—was won at a giveaway held by drsv. I didn't choose the colour or the pattern—and I think each piece looks different—but now I'm learning again how to love it. Before, I thought it could only be worn one way, but, boy, was I wrong. This top is one of those items my sister hoards but never wears. It looks like such a comfortable piece for pregnant women—no, I'm not one of them at the moment—and I think it makes me look a bit motherly. Tasha, on the other hand, wears a more monochromatic look with minimalistic patterns and textures. It suits her very well and makes her look much more urban than I do. You can see her outfit shots on her instagram. What do you think of our looks? And have you ever had an outing with blogger/online friends? Do tell!

P.S: Tried out snapping shots in RAW and I love how easy it is to edit!

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