My name is Bivi and I am (now) 25 years old. I was born and raised in Indonesia. In 2011 I moved to Germany and lived there for over 3 years. It was my second year there that I started this blog. Now I am a freelance illustrator living back home in South Tangerang, Indonesia—yep, not Jakarta, but close enough. My interests consist of art & design, literature, culture (particularly Japanese culture), language (speaking 4 in total so far) and a little bit of science. Indie everything is basically my life now, so if you have any recommendations, feel free to leave them anywhere. Also, I'm currently in a long-distance relationship with a guy named Firu (for around 7 1/2 years now). He's literally the sweetest guy I've ever met and I love him very, very much.

About the Blog
As mentioned above, Alive as Always started in 2012—in January 2012, to be exact. It started out as a fashion/personal style blog but later on developed into something more. It became a space for me to share my latest adventures, admired artists, favourite literary pieces, culinary explorations, provocative thoughts and many, many more. At first I didn't know what I was doing, but later on decided that it should be a positive space—note that I didn't say "happy"—for me and all my loved ones. Yep, I really, REALLY love talking about my loved ones. Sometimes it gets superficial, sometimes it gets personal and sometimes it gets thought-provoking, but it's all from the heart.

In May 2013, I started thinking and researching about ethical fashion. Thus, my journey to become a conscious consumer began. For a girl who bought, in average, two clothing items per month, it wasn't easy to cut down and reconsider my sources, but it was definitely a journey worth taking. Needless to say, that small epiphany of sorts manoeuvred the whole direction of this blog—and lifestyle, for that matter. Don't get me wrong: there is still a whole length of progress to go, but I can now look back at that consumption-driven lifestyle of mine and see the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions
What camera do you use?
Normally, it's my Canon Rebel T3i or Canon EOS 600D with an EFS 18-135mm lens.

Who takes your photos?
Up until 2014, mostly myself, unless stated otherwise. All photographers thenceforth are credited.

Why did you start blogging?
It was through Flashes of Style that I discovered the world of fashion blogging. My love for style and blogging started to bloom. In May 2013, I started to think more about where my clothes come from. Since then on, this blog has been dedicated to spreading the awareness on fast fashion.

Where do you get your clothes?
Most of them are thrifted or hand-me-downs. Read here to know where I usually get my clothes without resorting to fast fashion.

Why did you leave Germany?
To be honest, the story is too long for me to delve into, but I hope this helps shed some light.

What do you do for a living?
I'm a freelance illustrator, mainly for TigaGenerasi and Generasi.2 at the moment. I'm always open for commissions too—you can check out all the pricing info here.

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