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Guest Post: Stevia of The Sweetest Escape

Bali, Jan 2014

Hello! My name is Stevia and I usually blog at The Sweetest Escape . Bivi was kind enough to let me blog here so thanks Bivi! It's the holiday season and I'm sure you all have plans to escape somewhere fun. Here are a few tips from my own experience to have a memorable trip. In this post I'm not going to lecture you about the importance of bringing a copy of your travel documents or to always, always stash extra cash, it's more like mantras to keep in mind when you're traveling.

En route to Switzerland, May 2014

Say Yes

I have a habit of avoiding new things but it's a holiday and you're in this new adventure so just be adventureous. I'm not saying "say yes to jump off a cliff to a rocky sea" when you can't swim, but just say yes to things like trying out sketchy local food or take the longer route to your destination.

Cinque Terre, May 2014

Spend The Money

Let's face it, when you're traveling, you have to spend money. My dad always says, if you want to have fun on your vacation, just spend the money. You can get more money after you finish your holiday, but you will regret not getting into a museum because you think the entrance fee is outrageous. Go order that in-flight meal, pay the extra money for the front seat in a theatre, get that chef's special menu that you always want to try... Just make sure you don't spend ALL your money!

Jerusalem, Sept 2014

Get Enough Rest

I know it's difficult to do especially when you're traveling with a tour but I really don't suggest to stay awake all night doing a heart to heart talk with your friend/sister. Lack of sleep always makes me lightheaded and cranky. Plus, it makes you prone to sickness.

Borobudur, July 2013

Stay Positive

Traveling with my mom is difficult because she's a worrier and she vents it out on me, the only one who has to listen. (She's always tired no matter how many sleep she gets or how much she eats. She has no interest in walking around taking in the beauty. The only thing that will make her happy is a mall or a gift shop.). And then there's my sister who always stays positive and cheerful no matter how tired or how busy she is. So, of course, my sister is a much better travel companion. So keep in mind when you're exhausted but you still want to check out that sunset that requires 300 stairs down to the beach, just stay positive and focus on the gorgeous sunset you're going to see

Melbourne, Jan 2013

Just Enjoy It – whatever “it” is

On my last trip to Israel, I traveled with my aunt. She's a very bubbly person, very chatty, and funny. She has this great mantra that she keeps telling everyone on the tour to “just enjoy it”. You have to live in the moment, that moment where you get your lunch at 3 PM (while breakfast was 7AM) because your bus tour gets lost? Just enjoy it. Who knows when will be the next time you get to eat Morrocan food at 3PM in the middle of the dessert with your big family? Or when you have to climb a mountain in the middle of the night with a pitch black night and the camel smells so bad you want to throw up? Just enjoy it. And I have that mantra imprinted in my head that when I was climbing Mount Sinai, I was able to enjoy the beautiful sky with the scattered stars like sand and the chilling air that bites my nose. Lord knows, I will NOT be on that moment again. Perhaps never...but never say never right?

Japan, May 2013

I do hope in this holiday season you enjoy your vacation and keep these five tips in your mind.

Happy Holiday!

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