Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fairweather Friend

Halle has been rather mean with the weather. Just when you thought you could finally sunbathe, go on picnics and have days in the sun, it calls up the clouds and the wind and drives you crazy. And it all happens in a snap of fingers too. I mean, yesterday I was suffering from the unbearable heat whilst at a small birthday celebration of my friend, Mimi, and today I was fighting the wind on the way to and from school. And I thought it was going to be warm too so I wore the thin jacket. Wrong outfit much.

Yes, as you can see, I am fat. Probably not as fat as some people but I know I've gained some weight. Ok, I'm not going to be one of those girls who says, "Oh, I'm so fat!" or "I need to lose weight!" or "I'm going on a diet starting now!" I know it's probably shallow to think something like this but, for me at least, being fat equals not healthy. And that frightens me. I'm sure a lot of you also don't want to be fat and every little more fat you have than you realize freaks you out but please don't overdo anything. Go on a diet, do sports, that's fine. It's actually recommended, you know. So long as it's healthy diet and reasonable amount of exercise. Don't be anorexic, please! That's the most important thing. Because a.) it's wasting food -- I hate to sound cliché but you seriously don't know how many people need what you don't want -- and b.) you won't know how much you'd suffer later on. Being thin isn't everything and it's not the only thing that matters. If anything, just try to be healthy.

Back home I once -- well, actually twice -- watched a TV movie on Hallmark called Hunger Point. The story is simple and, frighteningly, rather real. It's about an ordinary american family -- from the outside at least -- who apparently hid a rather huge secret. Their two daughters were pushed to stay thin by their own mother. Ironically enough, the thinner one pushed herself too hard and became anorexic. That drove the family to its breaking point. I recommend people to watch this movie since it's not as frightening as an anorexic movie probably should be but still very real to understand. The best part about Hallmark movies is they're always so touching one way or the other.

Let's talk a little bit about the outfit, shall we? Now the highlight of this outfit is this tee I bought off deviantART on Earth Day last year. Totally worth it! I love how the simplicity of the tee matches the stripes of the cardigan. My one and only deviantART tee, by the way. I know it seems like I'm slacking off with this outfit but that's not what I'm doing. And so what if I am? Well, anyway I have been waiting to show you guys this tee. It's one of my proudest possession.

Look at those cakes! They were the cakes from Mimi's birthday. It was an all-girl party and we spent the whole afternoon gossiping and eating fondue. Extra delish! I only ate salad and a beef ball since the rest is pork but it was really fun! Dan Bai brought too many muffins that were heavenly. She was always good at baking. Anyway here's a little pic of me to send you off on your merry ways. It'll probably cost me some readers -- or all of them -- but it's just me being myself. Because being ordinary is boring.


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